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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I register for a class?

A: You may register for all our fee-based courses online at riohondo.augusoft,net or you may call us at (562) 222-1482 to register by phone.

Q: What is the difference between a fee-based class and a noncredit class?

A: A fee-based class is a short-term course offered for a specific fee. Most of the courses in Continuing Education fall into this category. A limited number of noncredit courses are available and usually feature some specific learning objectives such as English as a Second Language. Noncredit courses require a different registration process than fee-based classes. If the course you are seeking is identified as noncredit, please go to this link to begin the application process: 

Q:  Can I pay on the day of class?

A:  No, all class fees must be paid before the start date of the program

Q:  What is the method of payment?

A:  We take VISA/MASTERCARD/ Check or Cash

Q:  Will I be notified if the class gets CANCELLED?

A:   Yes, students will be notified if a class gets cancelled before the start of the class.

Q:  What is your refund policy?

A:  Requests for refund or transfers are accepted no later than 5 working days prior to the program start date with a $10 processing fee.

Q:  Do I get a refund if a class gets CANCELLED?

A:  Yes, a full refund will be issued if classes are cancelled by the college

Q:  When is the last day to register for a class?

A:  We recommend you register early as classes fill quickly.  However, we will accept registrations up until the day before class as long as spaces are available. 

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